Escape By Karen Phillips

Escape depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Find freedom.

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‘Escape’ is a true story that reveals how childhood sexual abuse and violence can lead to addictions, depression, and to the belief that suicide is our only escape. It shows how we can become empowered and find our way out of this vicious cycle. In this serious, yet entertaining and funny story, Karen tries running away from her haunting pain, only to find a seemingly endless amount of trouble to get into. Lost, feeling unworthy and alone, she speaks her innermost private thoughts through her prose, journals, and poems. Her feelings of fear, rage, and sadness start to breathe. Karen is the voice for all the ones who cannot speak as she clearly expresses her deepest emotions. Through her journey, we learn we are not alone and through her courage we find hope and inspiration.


About the Author

Karen Phillips wrote ‘Escape’ to empower others. It is a moving testament to the power that survivors of sexual abuse and violence can find within themselves to bring about the changes they seek in their own life. Using addictions to fight her depression, she finds herself feeling unworthy and alone with thoughts of suicide as her only escape. Serious, yet entertaining and funny, she takes you through Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, and Canada. Karen has studied psychology in college and creative writing in university. Her poetry has been presented and acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth II. She is also an award-winning songwriter. Karen is now on the west coast of Canada and lives to compel others to survive as she brings them hope and inspiration.


“Be Strong.”




4 thoughts on “Escape By Karen Phillips

  1. Wow…that’s a heavy life you’ve had, Karen, but you’re such a strong woman by handing over the key to heal themselves. Great work. Pawkisses for a Happy Day and thank you for following us. Sincerely, Little Binky and Granny 🙂

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